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Adrian Carr: links

Adrian Carr Piano Links

My Facebook Home
Adrian Carr Piano Blog
Some tidbits here and there about what I'm doing.
Adrian Carr Piano on YouTube
MyBugaboo takes the music of Adrian Carr and creates beautiful poetic images to tell a story. Check it out-she's talented!
Ultimate Relaxation

Videos using music from my album, Release

La passion du piano
Adrian Carr Piano website 'en francais'

Amazing Friends

Angels Connect to Spirit

I've worked with Angel Healer, Nerak Angel.  She has a wonderful way of guiding energy and looking at the world in a positive way.  We worked together on her last CD!

Bodhi Principle

An amazing enterprise providing Yoga Services in the corporate workplace.  Founded by Bhaskar Goswami.  We worked together on Bhaskar's CD, Open Yoga.  Bhaskar is a wonderful teacher and the CD is a great guided Sivanada Style Hatha Yoga class.  My work with Bhaskar was so inspired that  I reissued much of the music from his CD to when I put together Release.

Daylle Deanna Schwartz
Anyone in music should know about this incredible woman.
Gulliverity: Photo by David Kolbowicz
Amazing Photographer, beautiful work here in Montreal available to do the best photo work whether it's your concert or your wedding!
Belgian Director Nat Corre
Insightful and sensitive interview with me at a crossroads in my life in 2006.

CD Mastering and Recording


As an artist and musician, I know the needs and importance of the final mastering. After 20 years of running my recording studio in New York, I've opened up a boutique CD Mastering Facility. Come see what the talk is all about.