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Adrian Carr: stories

Beyond the veil - July 12, 2008

There is a door to which I find the key,
There is a veil past which I now can see,
In past the talk awhile of me and thee there was,
But beyond the veil, what line is there between me and thee,

Today after 37 years I can pull back the veil that coloured my perception, in the 7th grade, I thought Charlotte was the only one with a disability, but I was overlooking my own. I was the one who didn’t rejoice in the diversity of every other snowflake and so going along with all the other kids, I was denying a part of myself .
It took me 37 years to pull back the veil of my perception and I feel the light coming in after many years. Today I am finding Charlotte.

Stories of Finding Charlotte - May 18, 2008

I met Charlotte in the Seventh grade at Herbert Hoover Jr High School: she was slightly different than everybody else in our class. Charlotte was a frail girl and she had a slight physical disability, her hand would shake. All the boys in my class (myself included) would pick on her. I had forgotten about Charlotte until some experiences I had after I moved north in 2005.

My journey for finding charlotte begins where all journeys begin:

within the garden of imagination
I’ve just come from the lawyer’s office having sold my condo, I’ve had the garage sale, shipped all my belongings to the EZ Self Storage in a city called Plattsburgh and I’m going to Montreal to live with my fiancée. And all this started on the Rocky Ridge Trail in Elizabethtown. I had just finished climbing the last of the 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks and as I was coming out on my last day I met a single women hiker coming in and she gave me her card. She was from Montreal.
Life is full of tiny little miracles within the garden of imagination

Tell me about a miracle of possibility in your life.

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