Adrian Carr - composer/pianist/storyteller

tAs a composer and pianist, I work with music in a way which mixes my classical training with pop/rock culture creating a vibrant and emotional music. But what has added a whole new level of interest in my live shows is my story telling. Each of my albums is a story and each performance is a journey for me and my audience. I have performed in a variety of venues from Coffee Houses to Carnegie Hall.

In 2018, I released On The Other Side of Everything, which musically tells some stories of a difficult but remarkable year in my life.  There was a variety of pieces on this album. It was a pleasure to work with Famous Letter Writer in the title track. In several pieces, the piano played a more supportive role to the other instruments and electronic textures. 

I was born in Buffalo, New York and moved to New York City to attend The Juilliard School. After receiving my Bachelors, I was completed my Masters at Princeton University.  I lived in New York City and the Hudson River Valley for more than half my life before moving north to open up a CD Mastering Facility in Montreal.  I now live in the Adirondack mountains and use the mountains and the people here for my inspiration.