All Shows Cancelled

Due to COVID-19, all shows have been cancelled. Fundraising for the new album has been suspended as we have much bigger issues to address.  I hope everyone stays safe.  I look forward to seeing you all and continuing my efforts towards the new album next year.

Plattsburgh-based new-age pianist Adrian Carr's "Blue Is the Warmest Color" could score the climactic final scene in an art-house tearjerker. Full of dread and longing, the instrumental piece pairs the composer's lilting piano work with cinematic cello and violin. The University of Vermont and SUNY Plattsburgh professor precisely and effectively pushes the emotional envelope. ” - Jordan Adams

Seven Days Burlington VT

Finding Charlotte," Adrian Carr's new album, was a full-circle journey. He found his voice. My music is always going to be Charlotte" By ROBIN CAUDELL Staff Writer” - Robin Caudell

Press Republican

Pianist/composer Adrian Carr at NCCCA NCCCA presents "From Carnegie Hall to Plattsburgh. Adrian Carr's piano music is decompressive, fresh and uplifting." By ROBIN CAUDELL Staff Writer” - Robin Caudell

Press Republican

Adrian Carr's music flowed seamlessly, propelling the dance forward with a gentle energy. Listening to his score for the Rebecca Kelly Ballet, leaves me wanting to hear more of his music.” - Iris Brooks

— Dance Magazine

This is one of those rare albums you will enjoy forever. Seriously. It's like a magic carpet ride that gently sweeps you off your feet and takes you to someplace lush and beautiful.”

— iTunes

Engaging and fluid like the movement traveling water. Like the ambiance of a mountain stream flowing into the mouth of a roaring river, Days of the Year will make your soul do just that. The ripples in the music plunge ones emotions into joy, sadness, empathy or depression. It demands that one senses the complexity and simplicity of what can happen when you allow truth and honesty to just be. No barriers. No closed doors. Only the freedom to feel what melody is there to tell you.” - Yahira

CD Baby